The AMS Office will close at 12PM on Thursday & Friday 4/16-17, and will also be closed Monday through Friday 4/20-24.

Allegheny Mountain Swimming promotes and provides opportunities for personal growth, development, and excellence in competitive swimming.

Allegheny Mountain will provide Education and Leadership by demonstrating excellence as a local governing body of United States Swimming.

Allegheny Mountain Swimming covers all counties in Western Pennsylvania as well as Columbia, Jefferson, Belmont, Marshall & Brook Counties in Eastern Ohio.

Your child's choice of competitive swimming offers many benefits that carry over into all other aspects of life. Swimming is not only healthy physically, but just as important, mentally. Commitment, goal-setting, time-management and self-confidence are all benefits of participating in the sport of swimming.

USA Swimming is structured to allow competition within age groups and with swimmers of the same relative ability. This encourages realistic goal-setting and opportunity for improvement. The discipline learned as a trained young athlete can affect him or her for a lifetime. Encourage, not pressure, your athlete's involvement. Keep the activity fun. Most importantly, recognize this opportunity for your son or daughter to be the "best they can be."
AMS 2015-2016 SC Meet Sc...
Feb 25, 2015 - Aug 31, 2015
May 2015 HOD Meeting
May 20, 2015 (07:00 PM) - May 20, 2015 (09:00 PM)
AMS Banquet
May 28, 2015 (06:00 PM) - May 28, 2015 (10:00 PM)